The bitter winter

is creeping into my soul.

Veins that lead to my heart

slowly crystalizing.

My insides are as frigid

as the season.

Nothing I can do

but await the thaw.

The summer that lies

in your hands

your lips

your breath

the only remedy

capable of melting

the ice.

I’ll mark my calendar

with x’s

as I count down the days

for summer’s arrival

wishing for the warmth of you to melt all the pain away.



Let’s skip over all the goodbyes

let’s just pretend there was never a you and I.



I feel nothing.

My interior echoes

nothing but



A Visit

I took a stroll

down childhood streets

put my face to the asphalt

listening to the extinct sounds

of frivolous possibility.

I turned corners

threading fingers

in wire-link fences

a feeble attempt

to touch times past.

I watched as

my old bedroom window

sat, alone in the dark.

Not remembering

the growing pains

I stumbled through.

Instead, I think

I laid there with her

the last conversation

with her

before she died.

A light from inside

warms the sidewalk

a yellow is born

in shadows.

I depart

this unfamiliar place

hands buried deep

in empty, lint-lined pockets.

Someone’s home.

Not my home

because it’s not her home




Voice in Words

The words may rise from my throat

a silent echo

sprout from my fingers

violent, yet delicate tendrils

grow legs, long and wiry

across my page.

But, to say them

to speak them, freely

is something entirely other.



Clouds in Space

I AM fraught

with thought.

This I know

to this I’ll freely admit.

But, crazy, my dear—-

I am not.



-freesoul said: your welcome, i love your poetry<3

:) I love your poetry as well. There’s always something in each of your poems that I can connect to. 


recycledpages-deactivated201102 said: I just wanted to stop in and say HI :)

How sweet! Hello to you, too. I hope everything is well with you. :) I have to read up on your posts, these technical difficulties that Tumblr has had has made me miss out on quite a bit. :/



I’ve been there

where you are

at the top.

Nice, isn’t it?

Lucky was not a word

that crossed my mind.

(Stupid me.)

It just was.

Now, I’m looking for some help

(I won’t say it out loud, though.

Too proud.)

do you mind

giving me a lift back up?

Once I get to the top again

I’ll thank you

and my lucky stars as well.

Let me know, no rush.

Just a little wish

from the girl 

at the bottom.


roxsoxx said: how long have you been writing for?
and i like your about me section... :)

Since I could form coherent thoughts with them. Writing, as much as I’ve tried to ignore it (bury it, forget it), is as much a part of me as my eyes, my smile, my bones. 

Thanks, I’m glad you like it! :)

And, now, a question for you! Why wasn’t I following you already? I just browsed your page, you have beautiful things to say. Well, I’ve remedied that problem. Look forward to reading your posts. :)

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